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Unsurprisingly, the butchers with the best quality - and by that we mean tastiest meat - have the best welfare standards from birth to slaughter. Taking that for granted, here's what else makes these butchers so good...

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    Barfields Butchers

    Bloody Brilliant Butchers


    Why it's good: These guys work with the whole carcass so can offer you any cut you desire.

    Why else: The beef is at least 28-day aged and their award winning sausages are handmade at the shop.

    Oh, and they offer free delivery in Brighton and Hove.

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    Bloody Brilliant Butchers
    Gloucestershire, available in London shops &

    Why it's good: Chickens live significantly longer lives than even free-range chickens on Daylesford farm, meaning their award-winning meat has time to develop its unique flavour.

    Why else: Daylesford is one of the most sustainable farms in the UK, their farming practices work in harmony with the environment.

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    Bloody Brilliant Butchers
    Peckham, SE15

    Why it’s good: Known for making London’s Best Sausage (Jellied Eel) and awarded Best Product Treacle Back Bacon’ in the south of England

    Why else: They blend their own special mince for Bobo Social’s burgers. If you haven’t eaten there, you should.

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    Laverstoke Park Farm

    Bloody Brilliant Butchers
    Hampshire, available from

    Why it’s good: An organic & biodynamic farm, the goodness of this meat begins with the quality of the soil.

    Why else: They slaughter their own animals and are an abattoir for other producers that have very high standards for animal welfare. Plus, they are kid-friendly, and encourage school visits to both the abattoir and farm.

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  • osheas-PWF-1706-600x400

    O’Shea’s Butchers

    Bloody Brilliant Butchers

    Why it’s good: Est.ablished in 1789, the O’Shea family is now on its eighth generation of butcher, and serves some of London’s top restaurants

    Why else: They will source, age, butcher and prepare any cut to your specification.

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    Bloody Brilliant Butchers
    SE16 3SF

    Why it’s good: “Butchered with respect and eaten with relish” is the philosophy of The Butchery who care to remind you that not all meat is created equal.

    Why else: They buy whole animal carcassess from small farmers and butcher it ‘nose-to-tail’ offering meat-lovers native-breed, free-range, pasture fed, dry aged – and tasty – meat.

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  • beef

    The Well Hung Meat Company

    Bloody Brilliant Butchers
    Devon, delivers all over the UK

    Why it’s good: Slow-grown, high-welfare, grass-fed animals are humanely killed and then hung for up to three weeks, which gives the meat whole new depths of flavour.

    Why else: Aside from a great name? They are multi-award winners for taste & quality.
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